Bilkav is a company that targets data – based projects in the sector; hosts data science, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and big data based projects; and provides education, consultancy, and software services.

Our company was founded in 2017 by Professor Sadi Evren Seker who has 20 years of education and consultancy experience for providing services in order to serve the growing and developing needs and it has completed leading projects in the field. Some of the past and present project partnerships are listed below.

According to the agreement between ETS Tur and our company, multi-dimensional scoring project on ETS Tur’s hotel, customer, and other data assets has started in March 2018.

NETAŞ and Bilkav Training Consultancy Inc. , he started working on data security and financial security in 2018.

( 2017 - Devam)

The development of electronic control systems with Akil YMM and the analysis, design, and development of artificial intelligence-supported data science project is under development on Google cloud as a Java Web Project.

Providing consultancy in warehouse management and project management software which EnkaSystems and Enka construction specializes in. The project that started in 2017 is ongoing.

The project that started as a post-doc research project at UT Dallas for the purposes of data stream mining on social networks and that received financial support by United States Air Force has been completed.

The consultancy on C# and MSSQL training, recruitment management of informatics personnel ,  job-competency tests, and informatics project management process has been completed in 2010.


Development of fully automated and AI and data science-supported prescriptive analytical system with Ekol Lojistik under logistics 4.0. The project that started in 2017 is ongoing.

Development of artificial intelligence and data science-supported project that will provide ship electricity, ship navigation and automated ship management systems with Elkon electricity company. The project that started in 2017 is ongoing.

Development of a artificial intelligence – and data science-supported project on financial statements with Foriba, Fit Solutions. The project that started in 2017 is ongoing.

Project Development Training on data science, artificial intelligence and data mining was given through Rapid Miner device.

Introduction to data science, large data, and Cassandra training with Vodafone Turkey was planned and completed in 2015-2016.

End-to-end training on introduction to data science which was planned for 2018 for one month took place at AlBaraka Turk Headquarters with participation from several departments. Generally, during the training given over Knime and R, an introduction to data science and its tools was made and the priority was given to examples on banking and institutional problems.

Developing a smart recommender engine using large data and data science technologies, external data and company information; and strategic reporting and instant decision making and using this for advertisement. The project has been completed in 2017.

User behavior analysis and development of advertisement optimization alternatives and recommendation system for mobile advertisement . The project has been completed in 2017.

Providing big data capabilities for classical database management systems and designing distributed caching, query optimization and large data security protocols. Year: 2018

The prescriptive decision making processes of CNC machines under industry 4.0 and objects (IoT), development of artificial intelligence and data science models to optimize , in the most efficient way, work health, economy and company prestige.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri merkezli ACI (Affiliated Creditors Inc.) ile müşteri analizi üzerine bir proje 2018’de başladı.